Gzik (gzika) - cottage cheese with diced radishes and diced green onions or chives. It is a recipe that originally comes from Greater Poland. It’s commonly eaten for dinner with potatoes and it’s called Pyry z gzikiem.

Pyry z Gzikiem (Boiled Potatoes with Cottage Cheese)

This is far and away Poznań’s most famous dish. This is mostly served on Fridays as a simple, tasty meatless dish. It was originally intended for the have-nots of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland). Today it is considered a delicacy and a way of keeping family traditions alive.


1. 25 dag creamy white cheese
2. half a glass of cream (18%)
3. half an onion
4. handful of chives
5. salt and pepper
6. 1 kg potatoes


Blend the cheese thoroughly into the cream (it should have a texture like natural yoghurt). Once the right consistency is attained, add the onion and chives, and season to taste. The potatoes must be boiled in their jackets. The dish will lose its singularity if this detail is overlooked.