Szare kluchy

Szary kluchy is the favourite dish of Poznań and Wielkopolska (Greater Poland ) natives. These raw potato dumplings have earned Poznań people the nickname “pyry” (spuds). They are served with pork or smoked bacon scratchings and cooked sauerkraut.


1.    2 kg potatoes
2.    10 tablespoons wheat flour
3.    10 dag smoked bacon
4.    2 eggs
5.    2 onions
6.    salt


Peel the raw potatoes and then grate them using a fine grater. Rinse the potatoes and drain the juice, preferably through a cloth.  Mixed the strained pulp with the eggs and flour and add salt. Boil the water and add salt. Place the dough on the lid of the pot and drop small pieces into the boiling water with a tablespoon. Boil for a few minutes. When ready, remove the dumplings with a skimmer. Chop and fry the bacon, add the onion, and cook until brown. Pour the fat, bacon and onion over the dumplings.